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August 18, 2011 / sharoncopy

Lamaze class

Like most women who had children in the early 80’s, I signed us up for a Lamaze Childbirth class at the local hospital – in our case, Chestnut Hill Hospital. I was really glad I did because there were a lot of topics covered and I had opportunity to ask a lot of seemingly dumb questions. I enjoyed seeing the film of the birth also. Hey, I wanted to be ready!

We didn’t go crazy with it – we practiced the whole breathing thing a couple of times – it really didn’t seem like it took much to learn to count and breathe, but there were a couple different types to know. One week towards the end I felt really, really lousy. I ached everywhere. We went to the class and were supposed to get down on the floor to exercise. I told Dennis I was just going to observe because I felt terrible that night. Everyone else was down on the floor and after awhile the guy next to me said, “hey, how come SHE’s not exercising?” For a second I thought I was back in 11th grade phys ed class, except I had the knowledge that we WEREN’T being graded on this, hello?

Other than that, the only thing I remember is that the nurse/leader described labor as “discomfort.” Yeah, well, I wondered later on if we could sue her for that? To me, it would have been better to just know that it was going to hurt worse than anything ever before (or since) but that it would be temporary even if it felt like it would go on forever…..No discomfort here, ma’am. Just pain!

Here’s a magazine article I wrote referencing that experience, and others in our lives.

More later….

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