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July 18, 2011 / sharoncopy

What do you know about Canada?

Back in 1998 we made our first trek up to Ontario, and I expect we’ll continue to do so for the rest of my life.

It all started with taking our kids to a Christian camp that was affiliated with our church here in PA. It grew to attending two weeks of camp each summer and taking other kids along – to going to Spring and Autumn youth conferences – to having two of my sons date and eventually marry Canadian women – and another son attending 4 years at Redeemer College there. So, yeah, my car pretty much knows the way up there by heart – straight up the turnpike to 81 to 690 in Syracuse to 90 West to Buffalo and across the Peace Bridge Ft. Erie, Ontario and north on the QEW.

Somewhere along the way I decided it would be a good idea to study Canadian History since we were going up there so often. Having grown up in Detroit, MI where going over to Canada was almost like going over to Camden NJ – there were a few questions to answer – I thought I k new a lot about Canada.

But generally, very few Americans know much about Canada at all. They are just kind of “there,” and we basically don’t care a whole lot to learn about it.

My first surprise was the anti-American sentiments. More later….

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