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April 29, 2011 / sharoncopy

Time to go yard sale-ing!

     Spring is the time for Spring cleaning (maybe), baseball (sometimes), beautiful flowers (always),

gorgeous weather (like Wednesday the 27th!) and the start of yard sales!  I really should have one

of those “I brake for yard sales” bumper stickers. There’s just such a little thrill to stopping and

 taking a look at what’s what, and maybe, just maybe finding  a special bargain.

      When the kids were younger, I went a lot more frequently. I bought clothing, shoes, baby stuff,

books, VCR tapes (I got 8 just last week for $2! – hey they’re still fun to watch.) I remember finding

a brand new-still in the box – 4-waffle iron which I paid all of $5 for and took home to upgrade

our years-old 2-waffle maker. The next week I found another one exactly like it at another yard

sale for $6, used only once. With 6 kids, hey, we needed two waffle irons going to make it worthwhile,

or I’d be pouring batter all day. My sons could eat a LOT of waffles.

      I guess the best thing I ever found, though, was a particular bunk bed set. I had decided that the best way to improve on the crowding we had with three boys in one 10×10 bedroom was to build a triple bunk bed. All I needed was to buy one more set that was exactly like the 20 year old stacking set we already had. I prayed over this one! And what do you know – I walked up to my third and last yard sale of the morning in East Norriton and there it was – same design, slightly different color. $20 for the frame. I took it home, cut the legs off so the bottom bunk would be right on the floor, got a friend to drill holes into the top and into the bottom of the middle bed posts, and glued in a piece of dowel rod. We stacked the beds and then attached them to the wooden window sill tightly  so that they would not tip over with three teenagers climbing on them. It worked out great – now there was more room on the floor for them to drop their clothes onto.  😦

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