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April 3, 2011 / sharoncopy

Sharon L. Bratcher’s blog

At my daughter Amy's graduation

Around the house

This is a blog with stories of what happens in our families, and how events in the world relate to our primary roles.
Has your child ever embarrassed you?
Have you laughed yourself to sleep in bed because of what your grandbaby said last week?
Do you remember what it was like to be thirteen?
Do you hold your toddler closer to you after hearing about the child who died in the fire?
Does it jerk at your heartstrings to hear of a child starving in Colombia while local kids are whining about “needing” the latest video game?
Come join me and let’s remember the stories of our lives.
Sharon L. Bratcher and her husband Dennis have lived in Norristown for 14 years, 
where they have raised six taxpayers. Sharon is a writer, a former English teacher,
a bookkeeper, an office manager, a Toastmaster, and author of the book Soup and
Buns: Nourishment from God’s Word for Your Daily Struggles  and Bible Overview
for Young Children and several articles in The Times Herald and other publications.
She plays tennis across from Elmwood Park, borrows books on CD from the Montgomery
County Library on Swede Street, and  highly recommends the quesadilla con pollo at
Taqueria La Michoacana at Arch St. and Main. 

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